About Us


The time has come for change. Human beings cannot continue being treated like vulgar animals and be expected to stand back and say or do nothing about it. People who have taken an oath to serve and protect the public should not be able to operate with the current level of impunity because the result is devastating.

This is the reason behind the existence of Rightstand. We exist not only to inspire but to bring about the necessary changes so that everyone can coexist under fairer, truly impartial and more humane policies all round.

We stand against injustice, discrimination, victimisation, stereotyping, persecution, psychological torture and civil and human rights abuses.

We have been witnessing a continuous increase in cybertorture and coordinated stalking crimes worldwide in the past few years. These victims are generally single women, young mothers, or ethnic minorities who have not committed or been charged with any crimes. But yet, they are pursued, victimised, assaulted with Directed Energy Devices, and even raped by people who have no justifiable reason for harming them. We believe that people should not be forced into accepting a fate that is not theirs so that others can make money, build a career, and live a good life at their expense.

We should not have to put our trust and security in the hands of people who have no intention of serving and protecting the public. Law enforcement, military personnel and government officials should be held accountable for their wrongdoings, just like the rest of us.

One of our primary goals is to expose and end cybertorture, coordinated stalking, and the illegal use of new generation devices capable of remotely targeting an individual’s mind and nervous system. We seek to eliminate these cancerous acts in our society by raising awareness around the criminal actions performed with these weapons and combat them by advocating for the victims of these attacks.








The aim of torture is to destroy a person as a human being, to destroy their identity and soul. It is more evil than murder… Today we know that survivors of torture can be helped to regain their health and strength, and in helping them we take the weapon from their torturers.

—Inge Genefke