No One Should Have to Endure This Kind of Treatment.



Cybertorture and coordinated stalking are highly dangerous techniques designed with a single purpose; the utter destruction and ruin of a person’s mental as well as physical health including their livelihood. Innocent civilians are put through diabolical and inhuman treatment on a daily basis.

This is a sample of a typical day of torture inflicted upon innocent civilians in so called “civilised countries”:

During the day: Victims are followed wherever they go. Then they are constantly harassed by the sound of wailing sirens and blowing horns. And to top it all off, they receive electric shocks and burns from Directed Energy Devices. Their bodies are heated up by microwave devices which raise their temperature to dangerously high levels during each attack.

During the night: Victims receive shocks again while inside their own homes. And once they are finally in bed asleep, they are heavily interrogated and more sudden bursts of extreme heat are inflicted on their bodies.

Female victims go through the same protocol but in addition to that, they are raped inside their own home.

What are the health consequences of the use of these devices on victims?

There is ample credible research, as well as scientific literature and documents showing that directed, pulsed radiofrequency and microwave energy represent serious health risks for human beings. They are capable of causing heart attacks, strokes, cancers, headaches, blurred vision, sleep deprivation, loss of balance, impaired speech, memory loss, breathing difficulties, muscle cramps, and so much more. 

More health consequences of these practices.

  • Victims suffer serious brain injuries causing impaired vision, memory loss as well as other persistent problems. 
  • Victims routinely exposed to intense heat suffer from disorientation and working memory disruption. This not only seriously impacts their personal life but also affects their ability to work.
  • Victims can suffer from acute intestinal obstructions which often lead to hospitalisation.
  • Victims also often suffer from serious blood circulation problems which cause all parts of the body to swell, in particular the legs.
  • This technology not only interferes with women’s menstruation, but can also make it impossible for women to conceive.