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What is Cybertorture?

Cybertorture is the act of assaulting an individual with a new generation of weaponry that utilizes electromagnetic energy to inflict emotional and bodily harm. These weapons can penetrate through walls, ceilings, and even concrete floors, leaving victims with few options to defend themselves from the torment or heal from the attacks after they have taken place.

What is Coordinated Stalking ?

Coordinated Stalking is a series of planned malicious actions carried out to cause mental instability in a specific person. These actions can drive a victim to harm themselves or others, and in the most extreme cases the victim may even go as far as ending their own life.

What are the different methods

of Cybertorture ?

There are three primary methods of Cybertorture.

Both devices mentioned below utilize electromagnetic radiation, making it nearly impossible for a victim to escape or protect themselves without proper protective equipment.

1) Direct Energy Weapons

Electronic Harassment/Microwave

The devices are hostile technology that can inflict physical, psychological, and sometimes even sexual trauma on victims. They can induce intense heat in the body, mimicking the signs of a terrible fever or hot flashes but in a much more unpleasant manner.

2) Remote Neural Monitoring

Synthetic Dreams

Potentially the worst in the cybertorture arsenal, these devices are capable of sending sounds and messages directly into an individual’s head. It is said that these messages are impossible to block out, and could include a victim hearing voices in their head. These devices can enable the user to remotely interrogate, read the mind, and even control the behaviour of the person on the receiving end. This can be done to multiple victims simultaneously.

3) Coordinated Stalking

Coordinate stalking is a series of malicious activities designed to torment or otherwise monitor an individual. It usually takes place in public, in full view of the entire community, however, it can be virtually undetectable to anyone else not undergoing the abuse. It is composed of slander campaigns, illegal surveillance, noise campaigns, cyber-bullying; and the so-called “stingray” or “IMSI catcher” which is illegally utilized to interfere with victim’s private phone conversations. Even breaking and entering, assaulting or raping someone within their own home can take place.