Reporting The Abuses

What happens when victims try to report the abuses?

When victims try to report these types of horrifying abuses, measures have been put into place to neutralize them.
Recent research has shown that when victims reach out to the authorities, city officials or the police they would either dismiss, mock or ignored them, or their complaints would either be inaccurately recorded, not taken seriously, or sometimes logged as other crimes, such as harassment. This leaves victims in a highly vulnerable position and the perpetrators completely free to continue the abuses.

Cybertorture and coordinated stalking can have devastating effects on a victim that can last their entire lifetime.

Extensive research suggests that those who have fallen victim to cybertorture and coordinated stalking can experience extremely negative psychological and physical effects. These effects can include anxiety, depression, alcohol and drug use and self-harming behavior. Sometimes victims wind up incarcerated or admitted to a mental health hospital.