The Likely Victims

Who are the most likely victims?



As far as Cybertorture and Coordinated stalking are concerned, research shows that women were at greater risk than men of becoming victims.
Single women, young mothers, and ethnic minorities in particular are preferred targets. 

Who is targeting these women and why?

Many victims recall that they started being targeted soon after rejecting romantic advances from a man with a connection or affiliation to a law enforcement agency or the military. This means, that perpetrators are using their position or status to punish women who have refused their romantic proposals.

Some of the perpetrators know exactly why victims are targeted. But, none of them will ever admit that it is for something as trivial as a rejection of sexual advances, from someone in their circle that causes the victims to be targeted. Instead, they would much rather let the general public believe that victims have broken the law or committed some dreadful acts, just so they can cover their own backs and continue their illegal activities.

What happens to women when they become victims? 


Women are repeatedly raped and used for sexual games. They then have to live with the fear of not knowing what will happen to them next. Some are so afraid that they refuse to report the crime. Even though, they know full well doing nothing means that their perpetrators will remain free to continue the abuse. But, how does one complain when the very people they complain to are involved in the abuse?


What are the other reasons for Cybertorture and Coordinated Stalking targeting? 

Apart from retaliation, anger and spiteful revenge, the other victims are targets of convenience.  They are targeted for fun, financial gain and also the testing of perpetrator’s devices. 

For money:

Because let’s face it, these illegal activities must pay quite well judging by the number of people constantly following victims around throughout the entire day.

For fun:

Other people’s lives don’t matter to some people especially when they think that they are above the law. We’ve seen it time and time again. Let’s just take a look at what is happening around the world. Some people just think they can do anything they want to others just because they can.

For testing:

What a better way to test one’s equipment than on live targets. They can even afford to teach others how to use the technology for the amount of victims they have created lately.