Who Are The Perpetrators

Are we just dealing with a few cases of bad apples or is the orchard rotten?

Who participates in these horrendous crimes?

We have lately been witnessing a new trend of complete unprofessionalism towards and total disrespect for ethnic minorities. These abuses, serious misconducts, and racism only seem to be recognised in the most extreme cases. Unfortunately, it is generally after someone has died because someone else’s knee was pressing on their neck that action is taken.

Are these unjustified and inhuman treatments a direct result of having entrusted law enforcement agencies or the military with too much taxpayers’ money? Is it normal that people using such technology on innocent victims are allowed to keep their jobs afterwards?

Here is a short list of the different parties involved in these crimes.


People who have taken an oath to serve and to protect the public but are betraying their commitment.

  •  Gendarmes in Francophone countries: In particular those with questionable ethics and an obvious lack of respect for Black people.
  • The Police Those who usually sleep on the job and then blame others for their workloads, but never question their apparent lack of training and their absence of desire to do what they were paid for. 
  • Military: They are very present in this torture program. Judging by what they do, they have declared war on civilians.
  • Fire brigades: They are by far the loudest and the most active as far as noise campaigns are concerned. They are capable of following victims around to harass them even when they have a patient in need of hospital care inside their vehicle. 
  • Ambulances: They are not much better. The can drive into victim’s vehicle and put their lives at even more risk to carry out their routine of abuse and intimidation. 
  • Trained doctors : Some will harass victims by sounding the sirens of their emergency vehicles.
  • Town halls :Most town hall employees are involved in this kind of abuse. 


The most despicable and repulsive people that exist.


Criminal groups who are paid to target victims.