Who Is Ultimately Responsible


Contrary to what they are trying to make the general public believe, cybertorture and coordinated stalking are essentially male operated activities. They have only recruited naive and desperate women to contradict victims making rape accusations. The role of these female recruits is to convince by telling anyone uncomfortable with the idea of victims getting raped that the victims are imagining being raped because they are unstable or troublemakers. In exchange for their services, they are handsomely compensated.

They can’t possibly know whether victims have been raped or not as they have not been present from the very beginning. In addition to that, they cannot be impartial when many of them are either the spouses, mistresses, family members, or friends, of the people inflicting these horrifying treatments on these women? Can they control what these men are doing with devices which give them so much power over their victims’ lives?

Do they even care whether victims are getting raped or not when they are already compromised?

Anyone contesting the rape of these women should check the meaning of the word “rape” in the dictionary. The Department of Justice provides the following definition for it: Rape is “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” 





Apart from the terrible pain and suffering these practices have caused to victims, if they manage to survive this ordeal, years of their lives are stolen from them, sometimes even their entire life, and for no good reason.

This is a list of what these practices truly bring to society and why they are extremely damaging for our future as human beings.

These practices:

Inspire hatred
Divide communities
Encourage discrimination and resentment
Keep victims unemployed or make them jobless
Promote violence against women
Prevent vulnerable people from speaking out
Lead to increases in suicides
Promote sexual assault against women
Promote rape
Encourage targeting and victimisation
Reinforce racial inequality in our society
Encourage unaccountability
Encourage inhumane policies
Encourage secrecy and reduce transparency

The only thing the perpatrators have managed to do by encouraging or allowing these practices to take place is to create more rapists and people complicit in rape. And the only people benefiting from this are the ones who have created it. They are making money out of it. These are horrible misogynistic monsters who enjoy causing pain to women so they can feel bigger than they actually are.


Some will say, the authorities are responsible for these acts of torture. Because they have failed victims by being completely indifferent to their plea

  • not taking necessary actions when needed 
  • displaying judicial or prosecutorial passivity.


In a nutshell, they have failed to exercise due diligence to protect victims against such violence.

Others will say, it is the inaction of society as a whole that nourishes these acts of violence.

Because a significant part of cybertorture and coordinated staking practices take place in full view of the community.

Many people know about it, some even participate in it. Others just turn a blind eye because it is not one of their own that is being tortured.

But, I’m turning the question over to you ……

Who would you say is responsible ?


Laws and Sanctions

  • Victims of cybertorture and coordinated stalking need to have more resources available to them so they can return to normal life .
  • A campaign needs to be started to correct the wrongs done to victims. This would involve putting pressure on governments to


  1. make these abuses visible and recognisable as crimes committed by local, county, state and federal legislators and law enforcement officials alike.
  2. review personnel selection, promotions and training procedures of security forces
  3. suspend without pay police officers allegedly involved in torture and ill-treatment
  4. allow victims to be able to contest the placement of their names on lists or secret files, if this has indeed happened, so that they can clear their names.
  • create a task force to educate law enforcement officials at all levels about these crimes and require that they provide a safe environment for victims when they seek assistance.
  • establish a committee of inquiry at a national level to investigate the use of these technological weapons
  • adopt new legislation to outlaw weapons that are capable of affecting the human nervous system
  • amend the law to include paragraphs on coordinated stalking